1970's Toyota and Salvador Caetano

The decade of 70 is still marked for the beginning of the automated automobile construction lines. The search for new markets and manufacturers of components grows, a time that the automotive industry look partners to feed its assembly lines.

It manufactured components for the automotive industry, as it is the case of metallic beds for electric and hydraulical components, bumper, carters, tubular components, structures for seats, among others.

After the revolution of 25 of April of 74, in Portugal, time characterized for great instability both politics and social and, resulting in the latch of the assembly lines of European automobiles in Portugal. IETA was to a large extent dependent of the production of components for these, surpassed the adversity reconverting the production.

In 1978, with the beginning of the Japanese assembly lines in Portugal, property of Salvador Caetano, IETA started to develop the interior trimming for Toyota Hiace.