1960's Trucks and utility vehicles

In September of 1959 is presented the Morris Mini-Minor, a compact carriage, also known for Mini-Cooper that is manufactured during 3 decades almost without alterations. This automobile carries a special feeling to the IETA, a time during the 80's, had been producing of a vehicle with the same platform, the Mini Moke.

In 1962 the beginning of the production of the Mini in Portugal is given, the IETA develops the production of lines of gate and seats.

The end of the decade of 60 brought an alteration in the structure of the company, fruit of the evolution of its activity and consequent growth. It was also the decade where if it proceeded to the assembly of cabins for FIAT OM. The following years bring the introduction of Japanese constructors in the Portuguese market, who had quickly conquered its position: in 1967 the Toyota already was the third greater automobile constructor in the world.

In April of 1967, IETA was dislocated for Vila Nova de Gaia.