The company holds the NP EN ISO 9002 certificate and is currently in the process of obtaining the QS 9000/ ISO 9002 certificate, which will be completed by December of this year. The experience it has accumulated has enabled it to offer excellent quality products.

The company has taken quality as its byword and this is the basis of the relationships it has maintained with its clients, all of whom have very high levels of expectations. Quality, in the company, is taken to mean the sum total of good manufacturing processes, good planning and production methods, mastery of advanced technology, reputable equipment and excellent control of raw materials, purchased only from recognised suppliers.

The human and technical resources of the quality control department ensure that all aspects of the production process are efficiently managed. Quality is seen as the responsibility of all staff, the majority of whom have over 20 years of experience in the field and have received specific in-service training from qualified technicians.

The company has, in fact, invested heavily in human resources, as well as in product development, in compliance with the specific demands of the automotive industry. The honouring of delivery dates, an information system which allows electronic transfer of all data, from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the final product, and the EDI integrated system of production and management are further indicators of the company’s high standards.

Together, they show the will and commitment which the company has put into achieving effective and efficient management to enable it to enter the new millennium in the vanguard of its sector.